What Clients Say


It was a major decision in choosing the housing agent whom we will partner with to sell our current place and buy our future place. We are very Glad that we partnered Lawrence and his lovely wife, Shuyun! 

Lawrence first met us 5 years ago. He came across as someone very knowledgeable about property and developments. When offering advice about property selection, he makes close reference to the Singapore master plan. 

He did not advise us to sell our place until a couple of years later when the potential of our current place was unlocked. This, we are most thankful for as we were assured that he was not into earning quick profits through the agent commission but would like to pursue a Long term partnership with his clients.

Both he and Shuyun have been most committed and dedicated. Lawrence value added to the sale of my place through home staging. Home staging was new to us but through Lawrence’s experience, we gained insight on the value it would add to the sale of our place.  We were very encouraged when our place was sold at record price for mid floor within 4 days! 

Lawrence and Shuyun worked closely as a couple to help us! Shuyun had been most helpful and detailed in facilitating all the administrative details. This is extremely important to us as we are very busy with our work. 

All in all, it had been an amazing  journey with this power-packed agent couple! Thank you for this great partnership! 

Educator, Singapore

“We had a tight timeline to sell our existing property due to a number of obligations already committed. My wife did her research and she came across Lawrence. From our first meeting, we were impressed by his credentials and extensive knowledge of the property market. Lawrence provided a “reality-check” on the current trends and what to expect if we engaged him. We were made aware of the numerous challenges ahead of us, especially in the current market. Nevertheless, Lawrence was quietly confident that the property can be transformed and marketed. We had one less worry on our plate.
From the point of engaging Lawrence, he worked immediately to spruce up our home, focused on marketing the property and attracting a certain niche of potential buyers - buyers who were looking for a certain lifestyle concept which characterized our home. Within a month, Lawrence found a couple who were happy with what they saw. In addition, he inspired them to consider the enormous potential of a lifestyle home like this. He worked hard to engage them and they visited the home at least three times, whilst managing our expectations on the offer. We were relieved at the outcome and elated that the deal could be closed within a record time.
In our dealings with Lawrence, we found him to be professional and respectful at all times. We communicated openly and freely, and felt that we could explain our frustrations and concerns, and have a healthy debate on the situation. The interactions have helped greatly in inspiring trust both ways.
We are deeply grateful for Lawrence’s professionalism, knowledge and creative expertise as it enhanced our home’s potential in the marketplace and we have no doubt that his direct intervention had a significant impact on the successful sale of our home”.
Stephen Tjoa,
Auditor, Singapore

Lawrence Poh has been a lifesaver and a miracle-worker for my family! Due to some family circumstances, my mother needed to move in with my family, but the small apartment we lived in was too small to accommodate all of us comfortably, so we needed to sell our apartment, sell Mum's apartment, and buy a family home.

However, when our apartment sold almost immediately, Mum's apartment was a different matter. She had a apartment in Clementi that was well over 20 years old, and the last renovation was a very long time ago. It was well-furnished but as with most family homes, a lot of family stuff and paraphernalia had accumulated over the years, and it looked like it could do with a makeover. My husband and I wanted to do some simple reno so the place would present itself better, and so we asked several estate agents for their advice.

We had several agents come to see the place, and they all told us that we should not spend money doing up the place as we wouldn't see that money back. Potential buyers would want to buy the place and do it up themselves, but we had to expect and accept that they would offer a lower price for the near-original condition of the place. We decided to follow their advice and put Mum's apartment up on the market as it was, at fair market value.

After a few months  on the market, and quite a number of viewers coming to see the place, we still didn't have an offer that was anywhere near what we needed to close the deal. We decided to consider staging the place in order for it to present more favourably, but didn't know where to start. Everything needed doing, but it didn't make financial sense to pour in so much money and spend so much time in an actual reno, when we were working on a very tight timeline, since we had already sold off our place.

We Googled for experts in home staging, and found Lawrence Poh. He met up with us, took a look at the place, and together, we set our budget and Lawrence began the magical transformation! With the tight budget we gave him, and the even tighter schedule, he turned the whole place into a buyer's dream. He showed off the best assets of the place, and made it look like something out of a home decor magazine! No detail escaped his expert eye; he decluttered the place and staged it to perfection, right down to the homey knick knacks, artwork and furniture.

The apartment sold in slightly over a week, at the price we wanted!! Needless to say, we were very pleased and impressed with the outcome of his work! We were also very, very impressed with his professional work ethic, his sound and knowledgeable advice, his daring and boldness to execute out-of-the-box ideas, his warm and compassionate communication and service at every level! I highly and unreservedly recommend him to anyone looking to sell their place, especially if it needs that special touch! Because of him, we have been able to move on to get our dream family home!

Dr Suzanne Goh,
Medical Doctor, Singapore

Dear Lawrence,

Thanks for renting out our unit within a week despite the property market is not in our favor now.

This is impossible without your professional approaches in marketing our unit.  The home staging was excellent, it made the customers felt like home the moment they walked in.  If this had captured their eyes, the way you presented it must have captured their heart.

Thanks again for your professionalism and the blood and sweat you had put in to make the unit such a wonderful place to stay.

Yee Lee,
Entrepreneur, Singapore

로렌스 포는 제가 만난 가장 많은 중개인 중에 가장 프로페셔널하고 친절한 중개인 입니다.
한국에서 저는 5번 이상 이사를 경험하였지만 지금과 같은 친절한 서비스는 받아본 적이 없습니다. 싱가폴에서 한국과 같은 서비스를 기대하는 분이시라면 저는 단연코 로렌스를 추천합니다. 또한 제가 로렌스를 추천하는 이유는 다음과 같습니다.
첫째로 로렌스는 정말 긍정적이고 친절한 사람입니다. 단지 임대인의 시각을 대변하기 보다도 임차인의 시각과 상황에 대해서 많은 편의와 배려를 해줍니다. 특히 우리의 상황을 얘기하자면 로렌스는 우리의 취업 비자와 관련된 상황을 매우 사려깊게 이해해주며 이를 집주인에게 잘 전달해주어서 우리가 계약하는 것에 있어서 아무런 문제가 없게 진행해주었습니다. 뿐만 아니라 임대 첫날 저희가 도착한 시간이 밤 늦게 11시가 넘었는데에도 불구하고 로렌스는 우리를 위해 그 시간 까지 서 기다려주며 우리가 편히 쉴 수 있도록 해주었습니다. 다른 것들은 나열하기 힘들지만 작은 부분들에서도 로렌스는 정말 훌륭하였습니다.
둘째로 로렌스는 이 분야에 관한 최고의 전문가입니다. 임대한 집의 전기와 관련된 문제를 어떻게 해결하여야 하는지, 에어컨의 한달 예상 비용은 얼마인지, 오븐의 관리 방법은 어떻게 되는지, 집의 전기 배선구조는 어떻게 되는지, 그리고 집안 곳곳의 물품에 대한 정보가 어떤지에 대해 정말 잘 알고 있습니다. 저희는 때로 임대한 집에 관하여 의문이 있을 때에 임대 이후에 로렌스에게 질문하였기도 하였습니다. 로렌스는 그만큼 친절하고 자신이 임대하는 집에 대하여 정말 많은 지식을 가지고 있는 사람이며 임차인에 대한 최고의 서비스를 제공하엿습니다.
마지막으로 로렌스는 인격적으로 존중할만한 사람입니다. 그는 간호와 관련된 일을 하였고 그 뿐만 아니라 많은 그의 전문 분야를 활용하여 많은 사람들을 돕고 있습니다. 이는 부동산 관련된 일 또한 포함하고 있습니다. 당신이 싱가포르에서 렌트를 하건 매입을 하건 로렌스는 당신을 위해 그 어떤 도움이라도 줄 것이 분명하며, 저는 개인적으로 그를 정말 깊게 믿고 추천합니다.
로렌스 포는 단연컨데 제가 만난 최고의 중개인 입니다.

Banker, Korea

"Lawrence is very approachable and responsive. He helped a lot in negotiating with owner and getting me my dream home! His preparation and documentation leading to finalisation of the contract was professionally done. What's more, his experience allows him to share with me valuable information on property investment and how to find the right home at the right price"

Banker, China

Date 27 Dec 2016
To Lawrence Poh (Huttons Asia Pte Ltd)
From Jonathan (Owner of Season View Condo apartment)
Subject Testimonial

I wanted to thank you for handling the rental of my property.
I am delighted with the service I have received. You have been thoroughly professional / knowledgeable on every contact, thank you for 'encouraging me to bite the bullet' and look into rectified the property defects. I was very impressed with the initial advice and professionalism including guidance regarding home staging and arranging a professional photographer whose photographs were superb. For your confidence in the property and also your expert knowledge. You have both given me a lot of confidence at all stages of the process.
I am delighted we finally chose Huttons and having you to help to market my apartment rental. I would highly recommend you to anyone looking for an estate agent.
I will use your services again for future property sales.
Best Regards,


L: lively. He's very funny, energetic, with a very fast response. 
A: awesome! Not only his favorite words but he's also very awesome in doing his job.
W: wholeheartedness. We encountered many problems as this is the first time for us to live in singapore, and for all the housing problem even the stupidest mistakes of ours, he and his partner, Sok Hoon, always have the answers. E.g like when we accidentally locked our room with the key inside the room, he can managed to get a smith lock in a blink of an eye. 
R: reliable and very responsible. 
E: extra. He gives an extra personal touch that makes him different. He gave us a welcoming card when we finally moved in & sent a welcoming gift for us. I bet no other agent will do this. ;)
N: never say no at first, he will try his best and get the best solutions for you! 
C: consistency of commitment trough out the year. He's still remain contactable unlike any other agent who ran away after the case is closed.
E: excellent! What else can we say!! 

P: positive aura always surrounds him. He was convincing us that he would help us to find not only a house, but a dream home to stay, as this is our first time here so it's important not to stress out. And now we can rest well every night in our home :) 
O: open! Just tell how much is your budget and he can do his best to help you.
H: helpful! Honest! Humble! And a very Handsome guy! ^^

Fiona, Stella, Michelle
Flight Stewardess, Indonesia

We have met Lawrence while searching for a new apartment. After viewing several apartments with different agents, we choose to work with Lawrence. Not only because of the home he showed us. His personality, energy, enthusiasm, knowledge and patience where a great factor in this decision.

After having a bad experience with previous landlord we wanted to make sure to find someone who stands for us and with us. Throughout the process and after he is there, just a phone call or text away. This gives us an ease of mind and a great and relaxed home to live in.

Edwin van Beek, 
Pilot, Netherlands

Lawrence is very dedicated and professional in his work. What impressed me most are those exclusive deals which you probably won't find a lot out there. He is out front and straight forward in dealings and go all ways to answer all our questions. Thank you Lawrence for your great service!

Veronica Lim
Education Entrepreneur, Singapore

Hi Lawrence,

Would like to thank you for introducing me to such great opportunity.
I love the properties that you recommended. They are like the gem in the ocean. Keep it up and I look forward to working closely with you for my property investment needs.


Jaz Lai
Internet Entrepreneur, Singapore

Dear Lawrence,
Thank you for helping me with my property portfolio. You have been so patient in answering all my queries, Prior to meeting you, I have never thought that I will be able to build a property investment portfolio. Now I know it can be done with good advice from someone who is experienced like you.

You truly have my interests at heart and I am grateful for everything you have done for me. I pray and hope that you will continue your good works and that our Lord will bless the works of your hand. Thank you Lawrence.

Vanessa Lum
Entrepreneur, Singapore

The same time 1 year ago we met Lawrence, aka Mr Awesome, at a CNY gathering. We were chatting about the Iskandar Project and he provided a wonderful insights for the upcomings of the Malaysia Property.

Time passed and we saw that now (March 2013), is the right time to dispose our HDB, before the COV starts to dip. So, why not Lawrence we thought.

Lawrence shared with us not only numbers, but financial knowledge which we can apply not once, but forever, during our housing purchases. He also guided us on how/what we could do to enhance the value of our HDB.

We were satisfied with Lawrence's service that we decided to engage him for our next purchase. We being unfamiliar with the property market, Lawrence showed us not just the Units, he shared with us the whole Masterplan, site tour to URA to see the mockup, as well as tour around the areas of high potential... and we finally found a dream unit with seaview within our tight budget with Lawrence's skillful negotiations.

Thank you Mr. Awesome for helping us throughout.. and teaching us so much that we could never receive from any other typical agent.

Elson & Annie, Singapore

Lawrence 是一个很专业的房屋经纪。他对房产的走势了如指掌,能为顾客提供可信的服务。



Wu Bo, China
Education Entrpreneur

My relationship with Lawrence has benefited me immensely.

At the beginning, I was not comfortable investing overseas.  I was new to the field of investing and I wasn’t ready to dig deep into my pocket at this stage, especially to uncharted waters as far as my investing experience was concerned.

Lawrence was patient when I was overwhelmed. He helped me gain insight into the world of investing; to quote his pet phrase "Part of Financial Education". For me, this process went beyond the boundaries of merely closing a deal. A partnership has been forged. 

This epiphany has brought about a paradigm shift in the way I think and plan for my future. I am living the benefits. Thanks Lawrence.

Bee Keong, Singapore
Education Entrepreneur

We have so much to say about Lawrence. We have so far worked with him for 2 of our properties and this will not be the last for us working with him. When we first approached him on the idea of investing a property in Singapore, he presented to us the details on the current market situation,  and future plans, with reference to many researched findings, on how to view the market, the do's and don'ts, comparing with global views, and the list just goes on.

He never fail to impress us the amount of work he put in to share and educate all his clients, be it new or a seasoned investor. His high energy, passion and smile always gives us the confidence and trust in him in what he does, not to also mention his branding as Mr Awesome! Even after helping us to get the ideal investment property, and helping us lease it, he constantly updates us on the market movement and what to look out for. He does not work for money and always have his clients at heart. He always believe in giving his best for his clients and we truly agreed to this. I have seen and experienced so many real estate professionals in the market, but we can say so far, Lawrence is the best. He always under promise and over delivered.

We trust his work and currently he is helping us manage our property investment portfolio and we are looking forward to building our property empire. We will continue to recommend people we know to Lawrence as we know he sincerely wants his clients to grow. Even though his propfessional fees may be high, we feel he gives much more value-added services and most importatnly, the Financial Education he provides us continously is beyond the fees he charged and we are very grateful to him. Thanks once again Mr Awesome!

From the bottom of our hearts,

Kenny and Sharon, Singapore
Financial Consultant & Civil Servant

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Lawrence is different from other Real Estate Salesperson that I’ve dealt with. He is like a financial advisor to me. He is sincere in his willing to share his knowledge in Real Estate. He sees others success as his own success, which is true financially J I have once asked him if he was ever afraid the property he invest in failed. His answer was why worry when you have done the necessary financial ‘’homework’’ and are financially educated. He is one to meet up with if you intend to invest in property.

Mr Tan, Singapore
Civil Servant
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Lawrence was clear and professional in his approach to real estate investment. Drawing from his experience, he was generous in sharing insights regarding what to look out for in property investment. He was good at asking questions to determine the "need", and therefore would be able to provide the relevant solution subsequently. I was pleasantly surprised by the seamless arrangement with the banker and the lawyers regarding my Malaysian property purchase. Well done. Thanks, Lawrence.


Yip Cheu Fong, Singapore

Senior Financial Consultant

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Chris, China
Education Entrepreneur

When you want to invest in Real Estate, find someone who has the knowledge on Real Estate. Most importantly, find someone who has been there and done that, ie, He himself is also investing in Real Estate. That someone is Lawrence.
And Lawrence was someone who took pains to explain and impart to me the importance of Real Estate investment as well as what are the good Real Estate investments. And I invested through him because He himself first invested! Awesome!

Mr Loy
Civil Servant

I met Lawrence about half a year ago via Facebook.  In this half a year, my husband, Alvin and I became good friends with him. We asked him to help us in our sales of office units and home property.

Lawrence is not just an ordinary real estate agent. He does not work just for the commission. He cares more on our property investment portfolio than just to close deals. Not only he went an extra mile to help us assess our property investment portfolio, he willingly shares his investment knowledge, perspective and experiences with us. With his capability and resourcefullness, he helped us to sell and rent out our properties at a good price in a short time of 2 months!

Lawrence works differently from other real estate agents. He is resourceful, efficient, detailed and most importantly, a trust worthy man. He not only manages out investment properties our investment properties well, we have also learnt a lot from him in our working relationship. We definitely recommend him to anyone who needs to sell, buy or invest in any property, both local and international. He is simply Awesome!

Alvin & Zoe
Director, Fish International Sourcing House (FISH) Group

Hi Lawrence

I have completed the sale of my new home at Caribbean today. I would like to thank you for helping us achieve this through your diligent effort and in obtaining the best price for us. Everyone says we bought it at a good price.
Thank you also for sharing with us your views on the property market.  They were insightful and genuine.  You are also sincere about the properties you market and are not out just to make a quick buck.
I would recommend my relatives and friends to you if they are looking to buy or sell their property.
Thank you and wishing you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas and a fantastic 2012!

Best regards,

Dr Tan Tin Wee and Karen
, Singapore

Lawrence assisted my husband and me in our seach for an investment property. He is fast in responding to our queries. All is smooth and fast as he was able to ascertain our requirements and to match our expectations. We like to commend him for his services rendered.

Dr Gabriel and Samantha, Singapore

Dear Lawrence
After we met, I must say I was very impressed with your confidence, vast knowledge and different perspective on the property business in general. You took great care in finding out exactly what my requirements were and gave equal attention to finding out the "USPs" of my unit as well as the development as a whoole. You employed unorthodox means to market the unit successfully and finally found the right fit, bringing the requirements of both parties involved in the deal to optimum benefit.

I would like you to know that i am very impressed with your services and would happily recommend you to my friends and acquaintances. What's more, I enjoyed dealing with you!

You are a young man, with distinctive style and the courage of your conviction. For you the sky is the limit and I wish you all the very best of luck and fortune.


Best regards,
Aditya, Singapore

Dear Lawrence,
It is so heartening to know tat you are not all out for profits like many property agents. There were obvious opportunities to cut off deal without a co-broke agent which you did not as it was not in the owner's best interest.

The passion and details you pay to in marketing my unit to potential tenants are most impressive. Also, I am grateful you helped me bought, transport and even set up new chairs for the apartment, something I could not have handled alone. Your sincerity and willingness to help is indeed what other property agents should look up to.

I would certainly recommend your services to other home owners looking for an efficient property agent with cheerful disposition. Keep up the good work.

Yours sincerely,
Kent Neo, Singapore

Dear Lawrence,

Just wanted to thank you for the assistance you rendered in helping us search for our matrimonial home. We are most appreciative of your prompt responses to our enquires despite having already closed the sale. Have a good year ahead!

Sean & Serene, Banker (Singapore)

Dear Lawrence,
Thank you for helping us to find our new place. You have been great in providing the choice units of our requirement. I will definitely recommend my friends to you if they are looking for their new homes. I sincerely wish you all the best for you and your prospects.

Thanks and Best Regards,
Winson, Business Owner (Singapore)

Dear Lawrence,

I just want to thank you for the awesome service you have rendered for our family. You are prompt in delivering the right advise and getting the place we needed, even in such a short time. I will definitely recommend your services to anyone who needs to buy, sell or rent any property. Your value-added sharing on the real estate investment also increased my understanding on the investment. Thanks once again.

Brenda, Singapore

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